New Kids Books Shelf

Great Pal Sea-Horse by Twinn, M
I Am Tidy / by Porter, Jen
The Mystery of the Missing Cheese / by Lynch, Stuart
Home / by Simler, Isabelle
Unicorns to the Rescue / by Edwards, Laurie J
We're All In the Same Boat! / by Saltzberg, Barney
Baby-Sitters Little Sister 8 : by Martin, Ann M & Farina, Katy
I Spy Letters / by Marzollo, Jean
Insectorama : by Voisard, Lisa
The Walk of the Field Mouse / by Robert, Nadine
Dog Vs. Strawberry / by Buchet, Nelly
Addie Ant Goes On An Adventure / by Morris, Maren
Ahoy! / by Blackall, Sophie
Cool Green : by Delacre, Lulu
Border Crossings / by Collard, Sneed B
Cactus Kid. by Guerrero, Emmanuel
The Scarlet Shedder / by Pilkey, Dav
Two New Years / by Ho, Richard
The Story of Paintings : by Manning, Mick
Who Believes What? : by Wills, Anna
Las Mágicas y Misteriosas Aventuras de Un Bulldog Llamado Noelle / by Estefan, Gloria
Cross My Heart and Never Lie / by Dåsnes, Nora
After Annie / by Quindlen, Anna
Wandering Stars / by Orange, Tommy
Watch Me Bloom / by Patel-Sage, Krina