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Carolina moonset / by Goldman, Matt,
Laying down the rails : by Shafer, Sonya.
The ultimate horse behavior and training book : by Tellington-Jones, Linda.
The Spanish daughter by Hughes, Lorena,
Killing dragons : by Clark, Kristie,
Cold snap by Cameron, Marc
Wastelands : by Addison, Corban,
Old cowboys never die / by Johnstone, William W.,
The lawless land / by Morrison, Boyd,
All the lights above us : by Henry, M. B.,
Because of Miss Bridgerton. by Quinn, Julia.
Summer love by Thayer, Nancy,
When blood lies  by Harris, C. S.,
Flight  by Griffin, Laura,
Love in the time of Bertie / by McCall Smith, Alexander,
I'll show myself out : by Klein, Jessi,
A Hoot in Hell's Island: The Heroic Story of World War II Dive Bomber Lt. Cmdr. Robert D. Hoot Gibson. by Warner (USA, Ret ). Col Kirk.
The modern proper : by Erickson, Holly,
The case for heaven : by Strobel, Lee,
Cold snap / by Cameron, Marc,
Unmasked : by Holes, Paul,
The children on the hill : by McMahon, Jennifer,
Paradise falls : by O'Brien, Keith,
Freezing order : by Browder, Bill,
A family affair /  by Carr, Robyn,

For the kids...

Bird watch / by Matheson, Christie
Owl at home / by Lobel, Arnold.
Big fish little fish / by Litton, Jonathan,
Colors / by Pfister, Marcus,
THE SCIENCE OF BEING ANGRY : by Melleby, Nicole.
Thursday / by Bonwill, Ann,
What was D-Day? / by Demuth, Patricia,
Hawkeye. by Nijkamp, Marieke,
Lizzy and the cloud /
The first cat in space ate pizza / by Barnett, Mac,
Who was Milton Bradley? / by Anderson, Kirsten
This book is not for you! / by Hale, Shannon,
Blue, Barry & Pancakes: by Abdo, Dan,
The last kids on Earth. by Brallier, Max,
Wow in the World: Wow in the Wild : The Amazing World of Animals. by Thomas, Mindy.
Be thankful for trees / by Ziefert, Harriet,
Counting to bananas : by Tillotson, Carrie,
All about Feelings / by Brooks, Felicity
Out on a limb / by Morris, Jordan,
Teddy Roosevelt was a moose? / by Gutman, Dan,
Hello, puddle! / by Sanchez, Anita,
Heads and tails : by Canty, John,
Capybara is friends with everyone / by Frost, Maddie,
Doggo and Pupper save the world / by Applegate, Katherine,